Upsyde Downe Cake

an thi skye is fallyng/the kynge shi has lost her crowne/
thi centre is nott holdyng/thi worlde yt turnt upsyde downe

– verse from a song sung by the Stakehutt tribe on the borders of the Bog of Despair


























A Long Break

Aiyah, sorry about that. Work always goes mental over Christmas and then it’s hard to find the will to start blogging again, but I’m back now (as much as I ever am). And in true me spirit, I’ve got a new set of inspirations and projects without finishing my old ones.

The Elektrik Mausoleum INQ28 project is on hold for now, while I work on something that’s caught my interest – AoS28, or The Dark Age of Sigmar. AoS caught my attention when it first came out for it’s simplicity and possible low model count – I stopped playing fantasy before the game turned into batch painting huge blocks of Core that served as nothing but expensive wound counters and praying the wizard doesn’t kill you but the rules (if not the setting) for AoS seemed very interesting. I bought a few models and battletomes and mucked around with it for a bit before being sucked back into 40K via INQ28 over on the ammobunker and I’ve spent most of my time back in the hobby since then in the grim darkness of the far future.

Then I head about Hinterlands, a fan supplement for AoS which allowed for small, characterful skirmish gaming at a very low model count with huge potential for customisation and narrative gaming and I though it sounded great. Then Bruticus from Ex Profundis started up an INQ28 inspired AoS/Hinterlands and the die was cast.

I’ll probably be making quite a few warbands out of this, inspired in equal parts by the old Realms of Chaos books, Ratspike and whatever else is squelching around my fevered brain. First up though, a lovesick vampire and his chums.

Ever since his wife died,  Malur Grimshade has travelled the realms in search of the Chalice of Resurrection, the only thing capable of returning her to him. Many things have changed since he set out centuries ago – his retainers have lost the very flesh from their bones, and he has been altered from a mortal man to a creature of darkness and hunger. His quest consumes him still and may forever, the shade of his wife forever driving him on in guilt, madness and bloodlust.


Fair warning though, I’ve also been hanging around the Oldhammer lot recently, so this blog may soon play host to some agéd lead.











Heavy breathing and sounds of struggle can be heard beneath a thick buzz of static.

The sound of a void-sealed door opening can be heard.

UNKNOWN FIGURE #1: You killed him!

UNKNOWN FIGURE #2 (theorised to be Magos Herebeorht Wester): No, I did not. I gave him life.




As I said in my previous post, inspiration struck as soon as I got up this morning. The two on the left are more are less finished, whereas the Magos and the servitor walking his dog require a fair bit more work.


Elektrik Mausoleum

I’ve always wanted to create and flesh out a world in the 40k universe. It’s fun, for one thing, and it also provides inspiration for models, terrain and even armies. Recently I’ve been drooling over Apologist’s thread over on the ammobunker (and also his blog, Death of a Rubricist) and his Court of the Sunne Cyng is everything I want to do – an original world, fantastic writing and great models that capture the feeling of a decaying super-state perfectly. However, no matter sincere flattery base imitation may be, I can’t just copy him. It’d be obvious for one thing, and for another I could never hope to reach the lofty heights of Hobby Perfection which he bestrides with ease. I need something new, and luckily I’ve been thinking and planning something along these lines for quite a while.

It was mishearing the lyrics to a Duran Duran song that sparked an ember of inspiration. Soon enough, a Sepulchre World whose main industry was mourning and mortuary statuary, and whose main export was embalming fluid was conceived. A world almost entirely covered in graveyards and necropoles, bar a couple of hives and an AdMech fiefdom producing servitors and the aforementioned embalming fluid on an industrial scale (shockingly enough). No world in 40k is complete without endemic corruption, cult activity and a depressed and oppressed citizenry, and so there’s a foul necrophiliac slaaneshi cult amongst some members of the debased nobility, the embalming fluid coming from the Forge-Fief seems to have some very odd side effects and mourners troop in their thousands to mass funerals, shackled together and herded by Funerary Priests of the Ecclesiarchy. In terms of hobby, this will lead to several small projects (and some large) that will eventually merge together into something hopefully fairly impressive. The projects are as follows.

Gaming table: This will be 6×4, and serve as four distinct areas. The 4×3 section in the middle will be modular, and will eventually house the titular Elektrik Mausoleum, Vivificabit/Mortis#923-ADO (the embalming fluid factory), a Necropolis and the Cathedral of the Emperor’s Mercy. Below is a very crude paint representation of the way the board will be laid out. Many Gardens of Morr will be sacrificed to achieve this, and it allows for a campaign to be played using just one board. Where I’m going to store it on the other hand, Emperor alone knows.


With regard to miniatures, this provides me with a number of little groups to build for each different area, and maybe even an Inquisitor and his retinue investigating all the dark and horrific goings-on.

The Forge needs a Magos Biologis (named Herebeorht Wester), along with a few Adepts and some servitors. I have actually begun work on these as I was struck by inspiration when I woke up this morning. Maybe it’s gotten so bad I’m even dreaming of Inq28. The linking factor here will be fluids and implements. The Mausoleum needs the Cult, obviously, and some Rotting Courtesans. The idea here is to make two distinct groups, one male and one female, for the cult itself, and the Courtesans will be a mixture of the two. I’m thinking the visual motif here will be furs and intestines. The Temple will need some Funerary Priests and Mourners. Probably one High Priest, a few lower orders and a whole bunch of indentured mourners. Here, censers and veils will tie them together. As for the Necropolis, a gang will have made its base here, along with some feral cannibals and a few rogue servitors.

My reach most definitely exceeds my grasp, but I’m very excited about working on this.

Fantasy Jumble

Okay, so a lot of disjointed and sporadic hobbying over these past few days.

My AoS Goblin army still needs 60 footslogging grots and 2 spear chukkas built, and I need to finish off my Grom the Paunch conversion, but honestly the thought of painting an army with around ~109 models in it fills me with despair, so they’ve all been hidden in a box for now.


I also assembled and primed all of the models in the Silver Tower box set and the two expansion boxes, and all four of the Gorechosen heroes, but seeing them all on my cutting mat/painting desk was very dispiriting (I’m sure you’re noticing a theme developing here). Once again, they’ve been hidden in various boxes. Out of sight, out of mind.



I did make a start on my small Undead force, with 20 Grave Guard assembled, but the weather is too foul to prime at the moment and knowing my luck, will be until spring. I’m waiting on an order to ship which contains the leader of this force, the model that used to be called Krell, but is now just a generic Wight King with Black Axe and a Sentinel, which I need to finish off the Shifte-Watche killteam. I also have a Mortis Engine to build for them but it’s so complicated and it looks like it’d be best painted with an airbrush, which I don’t have (yet…). So, what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by projects that seem massive? Why, make a start on yet another big project!

More on this in my next post, but it’s something I’m very excited about.

Shifte Watche

Slight change of pace – finished models! Inspired by reading the Forge Of Mars trilogy recently, I thought some Admech vassals would make a change from various xenos nasties.

shifte watche1.jpg

Some of the men volunteered to protect the forge world from sabotage and militant workers during the shift change (closest thing they have to a day/night cycle), others have been conscripted for their skills, like the chubby datascryer – he has been allowed to keep his surveillance-skull though. They’re led by two wannabe-skitarii whose backpacks vent the excess heat generated from their augmentations via the environmentally friendly method of belching flame and soot into the air. A sentinel kit is currently winging its way to me in order to be hacked apart and turned into a suitably strange walker for them.

shifte watche2.jpg

As per usual, they are able to be played in game – Kill Team to be precise. Two squads of IG veterans and an armoured sentinel comes to exactly 200 points. Each squad has a flamer as their upgrade, along with the Forward Sentries doctrine.


I tried an umber ink wash with these guys, along with glazes on the yellow and red and I’m fairly happy with how they’ve turned out. Feudal, filthy but with just enough tech to place them in a future where you turn your loved ones skull into a floating device with a big censer hanging off it.


I’m fairly bad at keeping a blog. I warned you in the About Me page about this, but I thought I’d just reinforce it. Sometimes I’m working on something and don’t want to break the flow in order to photograph and write about it, and other times I just can’t face making a post. These are the paltry reasons I offer for my frequent gaps and silences.

Onto better things – my Mongol Goblin army for AoS is starting to come in and with the imminent release of the BoP set a 30/40K Dark Angels army may also be on the horizon.

However, in between these larger, simpler projects are the little waystations of INQ28, at once small and deep. I’ve been working on The Death Of Samothrace for some little while now, tweaking and thinking as she went through iterations. She’s almost ready for some paint now, when the weather cheers up and I’m certain I’ve finished with her. Incorporating equal inspiration from the Angel of Death in Hellboy 2, the Winged Victory of Samothrace from the Louvre and Orthodox ikons of biblical angels, she’s faintly disturbing.


Death of an Innocent

Pict-Capture of the Procession of Forgiveness, Balthar Primus, M40


Stark moonlight, filtered through the void shields and reflecting off the uncounted windows of the Hive cast harsh shadows against the towering hab-blocks on either side of the processional way. Workers and their families lay in blackness, either sleeping or pretending to. No lights were kindled – none of them wanted to draw any attention to themselves.

Slowly, clanking and shuffling, the group made its way down the processional. Coals fell from the brazier mounted on top of a terrible machine and left ash and embers on the ancient floor. Come day-shift apothecaries would collect the leftovers and sell them as a pain relief poultice. Smoke and incense wound their way into the cold night, glimmering from the light of candles and glowing coals. He had been free of taint, both mentally and physically, but had not the stamina for vindication. What was left of him hung from the same banner that proclaimed his innocence.

A juve, peering through his hands saw them pass by his window. At the head was the Absolver, chanting the doleful litany of the Prayer for Suffering Souls. A servo-skull buzzed behind him, its internal grav-lift unit almost overloaded with the tools of its ministrations. Three shuffling acolytes surrounded the dread machine, a walking altar of confession. Their augmetic limbs jerked and sparked spastically. One of them seemed to catch his eye and the boy flung himself back into the welcoming shadows of his room, hyperventilating and making the sign of the Aquila with his hands.

At length, the dim glow receded along with the noise and the boy dared to look again. The street was empty save for ashes and blood.


Absolver Donatien de Rais


The Altar of Confession