By The Lights Of Perverted Science

The latest in my ongoing adventure into hypocrisy – despite saying a few posts ago that I don’t like posting WIP pics – here are some WIP pics.

Over on the AoS28 facebook page Bruticus of Ex Profundis fame is running an event/competition/thing called The Eclipse, and to enter you have to convert and paint a Witch Hunter miniature. Not your normal buckled hat and pistol for me though. No, for me it’s this bloke.

Dr Orfeo Felmance, a Doktor of Natural Physik and follower of the now outlawed Galvanyc philosophy, he strives to bring order and sterility to nature by creating new and improved creatures. He hunts witches along with his retinue as they disturb the calm and sterility of his laboratory with their babbling and filth and harvests from their followers the more intriguing mutations they display.

The event itself calls for only one miniature, the Hunter themself, but I can’t resist making him a retinue of his creations and followers. I’ll be getting him painted up first though – I’m really going to put some effort in and try and get him looking the best I can. I think I’ve been getting sloppy with my painting recently and getting results I’m just not happy with, so he’ll be the first step towards upping my game in that respect.










Heavy breathing and sounds of struggle can be heard beneath a thick buzz of static.

The sound of a void-sealed door opening can be heard.

UNKNOWN FIGURE #1: You killed him!

UNKNOWN FIGURE #2 (theorised to be Magos Herebeorht Wester): No, I did not. I gave him life.




As I said in my previous post, inspiration struck as soon as I got up this morning. The two on the left are more are less finished, whereas the Magos and the servitor walking his dog require a fair bit more work.



I’m fairly bad at keeping a blog. I warned you in the About Me page about this, but I thought I’d just reinforce it. Sometimes I’m working on something and don’t want to break the flow in order to photograph and write about it, and other times I just can’t face making a post. These are the paltry reasons I offer for my frequent gaps and silences.

Onto better things – my Mongol Goblin army for AoS is starting to come in and with the imminent release of the BoP set a 30/40K Dark Angels army may also be on the horizon.

However, in between these larger, simpler projects are the little waystations of INQ28, at once small and deep. I’ve been working on The Death Of Samothrace for some little while now, tweaking and thinking as she went through iterations. She’s almost ready for some paint now, when the weather cheers up and I’m certain I’ve finished with her. Incorporating equal inspiration from the Angel of Death in Hellboy 2, the Winged Victory of Samothrace from the Louvre and Orthodox ikons of biblical angels, she’s faintly disturbing.


Interrogator WIP

I wasn’t happy with the Interrogator from my current project, and a comment over on the ammobunker sparked the idea that he would be leading a procession in order to suitably terrify the local population into full compliance. With that in mind, powered by lemsip and superglue fumes, I committed this act of mindless vandalism.


Redemption Through Pain

Despite suffering the tender blessings of Grandfather Nurgle (more commonly known as manflu) I have managed to do some hobby recently. Apart from my Dark Eldar, who are not currently fit to be photographed, I have also been struck with some Inq28spiration. Or possibly just feverish delusion, it’s hard to be certain.



Table of Torment




Torture Skull


Should be able to get some paint of them this Saturday, which gives me tomorrow to do some cleaning up and a little extra work on them all.

The Good and the Bad (Ugly is late)

Spent a few very enjoyable hours at my local GW today showing off my Gorechosen board (still in WIP), drooling over the new Genestealer Cult Neophytes and doing some work on Pontius Glaw. I’m sort of stuck on his ‘cloak of blades’, I can’t work out a way to represent it well.




Speaking of the Neophytes, once I opened the box and saw the power maul and web pistol, I knew I had to make an Arbites. It’s a verysimple kitbash, but he looks like I’ve always imagined Arbites should look (except for a shield, I need to source one from somewhere).



WIP on a most noble heretic.

As The Death of Samothrace requires a little more thinking and dry fitting of parts before I embark on that project, I decided to start on Pontius Glaw as I thought I had most of the bits I would need. The first mockup, after some initial removal of Imperial iconography, looks a little rough. I think I need to reduce the size of the arms, as he looks a little like a robotic ape at the moment. Anyway, here he is held together with bluetack at a very early stage.


Late Update

Aah, it’s been too long since I posted an update. Been busy at work, and also concentrating on building my Gorechosen board (pics of which at some point). However- Beldame Sadia is now sort of painted, if not best. I sort of fell out of love with the model after priming and it was a bit of a slog to get her this far. She looks horrendously dirty, but I hope that the basing will tone it down and tie it in.


Crisis Averted?

Disaster struck while priming the Brass Thief. Everything seemed fine until I took a closer look at the model while it was drying and the ancient curse of white primer had struck again – he looked like I’d covered him in PVA and rolled him in sand. There was no hope in stripping him as he was made from about 30-something tiny pieces which would all fall apart in the customary dettol bath. I decided to soldier on, hoping it would just give him an aged metal appearance and I think I may have (just) managed to accomplish that.

Is he alright or should I hang my head in shame?


As a sidenote, I usually use little to no gore effects on my models at all, lest they look like the creations of a particularly morbid 12 year old, but on this occasion it not only fit the background but also helped to cover up the horrendous primer.

I’ve also been reading about the Halo Stars, and the Halo Devices in particular recently. Inspired in part from it’s vaguely Lovecraftian undertone (and the trailer for the new Genestealer Cult codex, which I have some plans in motion for) I thought I could make something that once used to be a human, a long time ago. I’ll be writing fluff for him once he’s painted up but for now all he has is a name. He probably can’t remember what it was.

Herod Puginus:


I’m really happy with the head as it resembles a creature from a Judge Dredd comic (Prog 503 I believe) which terrified me as a child, the Vark. I stayed away from bushes for a long time after reading that one.