The Doktor Is In

I finished (and by that I mean got him to a place I was fairly happy with and then stopped before I messed up) Dr. Felmanse.

I tried some OSL on him and although it needs to be smoother, especially on the skull, I think the way it came out on the flagstones is pretty good. It was a lot of fun painting his skin and I really like the green flames.

I should be be building the rest of his retinue but as usual I have a bunch more projects that currently interest me more. In no particular order:

The Grail Sanguine‘ – an AoS force of vampire knights based off Bretonnian conversions,

Mol’lekh the Saviour‘ – daemon construct worshipped by debased duardin warband,

Paint up my Spire of Dawn skaven and sell them on (hopefully for a profit),

Finally finish assembling my Legio Cybernetica force for Horus Heresy games.

Oh, and I bought a bunch of models from Hasslefree recently in order to make a small gang for This Is Not A Test and an Inquisition Cell for the Inquisimunda game at BOYL17. Oh, and I still need to paint my Jabberwock and get the scenery ready for the Beware The Jabberwock! game I’m meant to be running there. Sometimes I hate my brain.

By The Lights Of Perverted Science

The latest in my ongoing adventure into hypocrisy – despite saying a few posts ago that I don’t like posting WIP pics – here are some WIP pics.

Over on the AoS28 facebook page Bruticus of Ex Profundis fame is running an event/competition/thing called The Eclipse, and to enter you have to convert and paint a Witch Hunter miniature. Not your normal buckled hat and pistol for me though. No, for me it’s this bloke.

Dr Orfeo Felmance, a Doktor of Natural Physik and follower of the now outlawed Galvanyc philosophy, he strives to bring order and sterility to nature by creating new and improved creatures. He hunts witches along with his retinue as they disturb the calm and sterility of his laboratory with their babbling and filth and harvests from their followers the more intriguing mutations they display.

The event itself calls for only one miniature, the Hunter themself, but I can’t resist making him a retinue of his creations and followers. I’ll be getting him painted up first though – I’m really going to put some effort in and try and get him looking the best I can. I think I’ve been getting sloppy with my painting recently and getting results I’m just not happy with, so he’ll be the first step towards upping my game in that respect.

Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow

Known as the Weeping Bog or the Swamp Of Desolation by those unfortunate enough to live in or near it, the few servants of the Missing Queen still call it by the name it was given in ancient times by beings too foul and powerful to describe – Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow. The faces that weep blood whisper during the night and many is the traveller who wakes only to brutally dismember his companions and coat himself in their fluids. Still the faces do not smile, alone in their grief.


I apologise for the pictures but I am taking these in the only room in my house large enough to accommodate the board without having to rearrange anything.

The final babylike face vomiting blood is my favourite, although I also like the one missing an eye. An attempt to stop the whispers perhaps?

The colours in these pictures look a bit strange, the light was going and I had to turn some lamps on which probably explains it. I’m looking forward to playing some games on this board – the hills block line of sight so that shooting isn’t too strong and there’s plenty of places to hide loot tokens or whatever.

It’s made from an MDF board covered in extruded polystyrene which I carved up with a stanley knife. The hills are made from expanding foam and the faces were sculpted with a mixture of milliput and greenstuff. Large parts of the board were then coated with filler and sand, rocks and slate glued around. After sealing with PVA and painting the board, flock from Jarvis Scenics and diorama tufts from Tajima1 (seller on ebay) were added before painting up the faces with normal hobby acrylics – for most of the board I used tester pots from a DIY shop. The blood was created with hot glue, painted red and washed purple and then covered with GW’s Blood For The Blood God, which needs a shorter name in my opinion. The board is intended mainly for old-school Realm of Chaos and new-school DAoS skirmish games but will probably find itself being used for other things. What do you guys think?

The Stench of Sin

When the Age of Chaos was ended by the storm-clad angels from Azyr, inhabitants of scattered hamlets and isolated hold-outs wept with relief and long suppressed joy. Their prayers had been answered and their souls and bodies saved from the Primordial Annihilator. When the emissaries of the barbaric God-King of Azyr appeared at their gates they were met with open arms, gifts and praise. It was only when the crucifixions and wytch-burnings began that – too late – they realised their mistake.

Managed to sneak some older miniatures into my latest DAoS warband – the long awaited good guys finally appear, bearing cleansing fire and brutal flails. The Wytch-Hunter is unforgiving in his persecution of the tainted and weaksouled amongst the scattered remnants of humanity. He is accompanied by one of Sigmar’s flesh-forged angels, barely human and eager to dispense the judgement of his God-King and two pathetic Acolytes who bear the tools of their bloody trade. The preservation of Sigmar’s realm demands blood sacrifices and the poor souls of the Mortal Realms are wise to tremble before the unrelenting gaze of the Sinseeker General.

Denizens of the Depths

As an excuse for the following, I would like to state that all of the following models were painted over a two-day period and that I do intend to go back and do touch-ups. I like the conversions, the paintjobs sadly show their rushed nature in my opinion. Miles better than playing a game with unpainted figures however, so swings and roundabouts.

I’ll begin with the paintjob I hate the most, in the hopes it will make the other miniatures look better in comparison.

Seen here in unflattering close-up.

Really, just didn’t work. He’ll probably end up being stripped.

The Heroes!

I changed the elves into women because of new quota requirements in the mortal realms. Or because having the party be all male is dull. One of the two.

From left to right: Archimaine the Gryph-Hound, the Lord-Castellant, the Cogsmith, the Loremaster and the Fleetmistress.

Strangely, the models I’m most happy with are the ‘stock’ henchmen. Maybe it’s because they look better en masse?

Some pallid acolytes.
Slightly less pallid warriors.

Okay, I lied. My favourite models are the Blight Kings, just because I love them as is. With some minor conversion work, I love them even more.

Big rusty fat blokes.

I had some fun with stippled rust and gore effects on these. They’re just so much fun to paint, even when rushing. Favourite model out of the lot has to go to the champion in the centre, with his great pose and awesome horned helmet.

Into The Dungeons

Disclaimer: The dungeons in Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal are not randomly generated like they are in Silver Tower but rather are set and remain the same over multiple games. As such, there are possible spoilers some of the dungeons here, although the exact tile setup and solutions to the puzzles will not be mentioned (it might be seen in the pictures though).

Alright, first attempt at this ‘battle report’ thing, although what I’m reporting on wasn’t a battle as such. I ran the new Warhammer Quest at my club last night and it went down very well. Fun and banter flowed freely, vile creatures were dispatched and some beautiful treasures were discovered. We join our heroes as they prepare to enter the dungeons on the trail of the Lord-Castellant’s loyal gryph-hound Archimaine.


The party made their way down the staircase discovered by the Cogsmith in the desecrated shine. Air currents and strange scents wove past their heads, and they could hear noises from the dark below. At length, they reached the foot of the stairs and found themselves in a crossroad-chamber with doors at all of the compass points. The flagstones near the exits to the north and east seemed worn by constant use.The Elven Loremaster moved towards the easternmost door and opened the portal, discovering a Kairic Acolyte standing guard. In the ensuing scrap, the eager Fleetmistress suffered a wound. After the combat was over, the Cogsmith could hear the sounds of several people talking from behind the eastern portal.

When the door was opened, a foul space was discovered. Both a shrine to their dark gods and a barracks, 9 Acolytes filled the room. The Lord-Castellant strode in, following the Fleetmistress who, true to form, had rushed in – eager to get to grips with the enemy. The ensuing combat seemed to be going badly for the heroes until the Lord-Castellant used his Warding Lantern. The Holy Light of Sigmar flooded the chamber, stunning the craven cultists. The Loremaster entered the room and flung an eldritch blast from her outstretched hand, consuming one of the acolytes in a blaze of green fire. The Fleetmistress and Lord-Castellant laid in with their weapons, hacking apart the cultists in a welter of gore. The Cogsmith stayed in the doorway, struggling to get his mighty dwarven Grudge-Raker gun to fire. At length, the cultists were reduced to piles of bone and meat, although the Fleetmistress was now more heavily wounded than before. The Cogsmith moved forward and opened the door in the room, revealing an empty corridor.


The party moved down this seemingly empty space, lit with flickering torchlight from the braziers on the walls. The Loremaster reaches the end first and opens the eastern door, revealing a stairwell that leads up and down. The party decide to continue exploring and she moves to the western door and opens it, revealing an empty chamber. A faint acrid scent hangs in the air, but it seems breathable enough. The rest of the party move into the room save for the Cogsmith, still struggling with his weapon. The Loremaster searches the room, looking for clues as to their situation, but inadvertently triggers a trap!

The exits to the room slam shut and the chamber fills with a potent and damaging gas.The Lord-Castellant seems unaffected but the Loremaster is wounded and the Fleetmistress is now in a very bad state indeed. The heroes scrabble to disengage the trap before they all suffocate and succeed in doing so.The doors open again and the Cogsmith leans in, before spluttering at the stench and retreating back into the empty corridor.

The Loremaster, now confident she can find the secrets this room hold, searches again. Unfortunately for her, the only secret this room holds is a choking death. The doors slam shut again and the foul gas once again descends. This time only the Lord-Castellant is wounded, the elves seemingly having learned to hold their breath. The Loremaster is told in no uncertain terms to stop searching the chamber, and after a little break for the Fleetmistress and Lord-Castellant to tend to their injuries, she opens the door.

The room is empty again, save for a trail of blood leading to the western portal. Her impetuosity showing through, the Fleetmistress runs into the room, only to be impaled upon a spear trap! She hangs there, gasping in pain, until the spear slowly recedes back to where it came from. A quick search of the room by the Cogsmith discovers nothing and the Fleetmistress moves to the door at the end of the room, followed by the rest of the party – who are very careful not to tread where she trod.

The Loremaster  opened the portal, finding a room with a dead body sprawled in the centre. A trail of blood lead from the body to the door he had entered by. Searching the body, the Cogsmith found a piece of gold and secreted it away amongst his person – such are the ways of Dwarfs. The party, moving through the chamber and the door at the end are confounded to discover that they are back where they started, in the crossroad-chamber!


This time the Loremaster opens the western portal only to discover four Kairic Acolytes standing guard over a portal. Spotting the heroes, they draw their blades and charge. The Loremaster, Fleetmistress and Lord-Castellant enter into combat, with the Cogsmith remaining at the entrance fiddling with his firearm. Blows are exchanged, until a satisfied dwarven grunt is heard and the Cogsmith enters the chamber, firing shot after shot from Grudge-Raker in an act of multi-barrelled mayhem! As the stink of cordite and the smoke recedes, the adversaries are revealed to be slumped against the walls, their blood decorating the mouldering stones. The Lord-Castellant motions for quiet and listens intently. He can hear whimpering coming from behind the southern portal.

The Loremaster opens the door and sees a prisoner, bedraggled and bloody, manacled to the walls of the chamber. He gasps that he is Brother Bargo Culven and begs the noble elf mage to free him. With a slight manipulation of the magical energies surrounding him, the elf shatters the chains that bind the man to the walls. He falls to the floor and then straightens. He is clearly very relieved and asks the party to visit him at the Chapel of the Shattered Blade that he may thank them properly. With that, he hobbles out of the dungeons towards the stairs the heroes entered by. The Cogsmith searches the prison chamber while the Fleetmistress complains about here wounds to the other party members.

He finds a loose brick that seems to have worn a groove in the bricks below. Pushing it, a hidden doorway is revealed. An ancient staircase lies beyond – cobwebbed and covered in a thick layer of dust, it appears to have lain unused for decades. The party decide to descend and discover what lies in store…

preview shot.jpg

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m very tired and the above probably switches tenses distractingly but I can’t find the energy to write it again. I may relate more of this tale tomorrow. Thank you for reading.



Progress Without Proof

I’ve got a fair few projects on the go and I’m actually making progress on some of them. Out of character I know. You may have noticed that recently I haven’t posted WIP shots, preferring to show off the finished piece in all it’s completed glory – I have a couple of reasons for doing thing. Firstly, I often get distracted and start work on something else. I posted the WIP on Hayreddin Drake ages and ages ago and yet he lurks in the terrifyingly huge pile of incomplete projects, judging me poorly no doubt. Poor bugger hasn’t even been primed. My second reason is slightly pretentious (moi?) – I like showing things off when they’re finished because then the first impact is much greater. When something is fully painted, if I’ve done it right, the conversion blends in well and just looks like how it was meant to look. You don’t see the dodgy greenstuff work or the panicked fixes I had to make after something I broke off. I’ll chuck in a third reason for free – I’m pretty slapdahs and a lot of my stuff changes during painting, even the makeup of the figure itself. They look absolutely awful pretty much until the final stages (and sometimes beyond…)

Anyway, I thought I’d update with what I’m working on and rest assured there will be some pictures of something up soon, along with more blathering. In no particular order:

My 4×4 skirmishing board (it should pull at least double duty for Realms of Chaos and The Dark Age of Sigmar) is well on the way, although the drying and curing times are proving to be something of a pain. The next stage is priming and painting it, but waiting for filler and PVA to dry  is something of a waiting game, shockingly enough.

My Witch Hunter warband for DAoS is ready and waiting for me to fire up the airbrush and prime them, but I’m waiting until…

My new Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal models are all built and ready for priming. I’ve converted every single one of the enemy models, and built an entirely new one for the Sorcerer. I’m considering building the heroes mostly as is if just to get them finished quicker.

My descent into Oldhammer madness has truly begun. I currently have a fair few lead models sitting in a sandwich box filled with delicious nail polish remover and more are winging their way to me from ebay every day. My finances may never recover. Soon I shall take the plunge and join the Oldhammer forums and attempt to ingratiate myself over there – I really want to attend BOYL if it’s being held this year, and I even have a (unrealistic and probably insane) dream of running a game – Beware The Jabberwocky. On top of this I also acquired a Warhammer Townscapes scan from a friend and I have equally grand plans of getting it printed out on cardstock and making the whole thing. Oh, and as an aside – this falls well after the generally accepted Golden Age but if anyone has any of the Carnival of Chaos miniatures for the Empire in Flames Mordheim supplement I’d be overjoyed to hear from you. I love those models but the ebay prices are quite frankly obscene. £250 for a Plague Coach? Jog on mate.

So, as you may have guessed, between board building, stripping lead and feverishly converting new plastic kits I’ve been getting a lot of hobby in, but not taking any pictures of it. Ah well, everything’s better for waiting, except hospital appointments.

Thanks for reading my rambling apology/WIP list/random nonsense and I hope to update soon with something finished, if I haven’t bankrupted myself trying to complete the Nightmare Legion.

If it doesn’t hurt – it doesn’t count!

“Red is the color of Redemption; it is the colour of fire and blood.” – 1st Ludmillan Dictate

What’s that Klovis?


Ah yeah, Necromunda time. Got this gang churned out in a few hours today, start to finish, and despite the fact that their hazard stripes are dangerously wonky I quite like how they look at table distance. The gangers have stripes painted on their guns so I can tell which one is which, as I never liked painting numbers on to bases.

These guys will be my starting gang as I try to re-learn Necromunda after a very long time, and then I’ll add Redemptionists in as I get more confident. Really looking forward to painting their robes.


“Our ladie is gonne, an all joys pass wyth her. Wyll you nott join us yn the hunt?”

The Oldhammer inspired  banner is something I really like on these guys – it may not be particularly well executed, but it’s the best I can do at the moment and I love the way it came out.

The armour on the lady knight was given a basecoat of VMA Silver which is unbelievably pretty. I kept turning the model around in my hands under a lamp to look at the shine and was quite tempted to keep it mostly metal, although the need to keep the hunting party consistent put paid to that.

I realise I have not yet created any ‘good’ guys for The Dark Age of Sigmar, so my next warband will be a Witch Hunter and his retinue, but have no fear, he’ll be just as evil and twisted as the next man*.

*or mutant, or daemon, or…


Next up directly however is going to be some House Cawdor gangers – I’ve got my first Necromunda game in more than a decade coming up on Tuesday and suffice it to say their paintjob needed to be… refreshed.

Ex Profundis Feature

Well, by all that is dark and unholy – pictures of my models and words what I did wrote have been published in an article on Ex Profundis – that Mecca of macabre and twisted miniatures and stories. Thanks so much to Jake (Bruticus) for featuring me on there and I hope you guys will pop over and have a look. His site is absolutely beautiful as well, which helps.

Read the article here –