Ex Profundis Feature

Well, by all that is dark and unholy – pictures of my models and words what I did wrote have been published in an article on Ex Profundis – that Mecca of macabre and twisted miniatures and stories. Thanks so much to Jake (Bruticus) for featuring me on there and I hope you guys will pop over and have a look. His site is absolutely beautiful as well, which helps.

Read the article here – http://www.exprofundis.com/dark-age-sigmar-rottwoode/

3 thoughts on “Ex Profundis Feature

      1. No worries mate. Your work needs to be seen. I took the initiative and just posted about your blog and included the link for it. This should help get it some more exposure. On the flip side try to check out other similar blogs to yours and mine. There’s some amazing work being done by followers of mine and people I follow. Cheers. IRO

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