By The Lights Of Perverted Science

The latest in my ongoing adventure into hypocrisy – despite saying a few posts ago that I don’t like posting WIP pics – here are some WIP pics.

Over on the AoS28 facebook page Bruticus of Ex Profundis fame is running an event/competition/thing called The Eclipse, and to enter you have to convert and paint a Witch Hunter miniature. Not your normal buckled hat and pistol for me though. No, for me it’s this bloke.

Dr Orfeo Felmance, a Doktor of Natural Physik and follower of the now outlawed Galvanyc philosophy, he strives to bring order and sterility to nature by creating new and improved creatures. He hunts witches along with his retinue as they disturb the calm and sterility of his laboratory with their babbling and filth and harvests from their followers the more intriguing mutations they display.

The event itself calls for only one miniature, the Hunter themself, but I can’t resist making him a retinue of his creations and followers. I’ll be getting him painted up first though – I’m really going to put some effort in and try and get him looking the best I can. I think I’ve been getting sloppy with my painting recently and getting results I’m just not happy with, so he’ll be the first step towards upping my game in that respect.

Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow

Known as the Weeping Bog or the Swamp Of Desolation by those unfortunate enough to live in or near it, the few servants of the Missing Queen still call it by the name it was given in ancient times by beings too foul and powerful to describe – Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow. The faces that weep blood whisper during the night and many is the traveller who wakes only to brutally dismember his companions and coat himself in their fluids. Still the faces do not smile, alone in their grief.


I apologise for the pictures but I am taking these in the only room in my house large enough to accommodate the board without having to rearrange anything.

The final babylike face vomiting blood is my favourite, although I also like the one missing an eye. An attempt to stop the whispers perhaps?

The colours in these pictures look a bit strange, the light was going and I had to turn some lamps on which probably explains it. I’m looking forward to playing some games on this board – the hills block line of sight so that shooting isn’t too strong and there’s plenty of places to hide loot tokens or whatever.

It’s made from an MDF board covered in extruded polystyrene which I carved up with a stanley knife. The hills are made from expanding foam and the faces were sculpted with a mixture of milliput and greenstuff. Large parts of the board were then coated with filler and sand, rocks and slate glued around. After sealing with PVA and painting the board, flock from Jarvis Scenics and diorama tufts from Tajima1 (seller on ebay) were added before painting up the faces with normal hobby acrylics – for most of the board I used tester pots from a DIY shop. The blood was created with hot glue, painted red and washed purple and then covered with GW’s Blood For The Blood God, which needs a shorter name in my opinion. The board is intended mainly for old-school Realm of Chaos and new-school DAoS skirmish games but will probably find itself being used for other things. What do you guys think?

A Long Break

Aiyah, sorry about that. Work always goes mental over Christmas and then it’s hard to find the will to start blogging again, but I’m back now (as much as I ever am). And in true me spirit, I’ve got a new set of inspirations and projects without finishing my old ones.

The Elektrik Mausoleum INQ28 project is on hold for now, while I work on something that’s caught my interest – AoS28, or The Dark Age of Sigmar. AoS caught my attention when it first came out for it’s simplicity and possible low model count – I stopped playing fantasy before the game turned into batch painting huge blocks of Core that served as nothing but expensive wound counters and praying the wizard doesn’t kill you but the rules (if not the setting) for AoS seemed very interesting. I bought a few models and battletomes and mucked around with it for a bit before being sucked back into 40K via INQ28 over on the ammobunker and I’ve spent most of my time back in the hobby since then in the grim darkness of the far future.

Then I head about Hinterlands, a fan supplement for AoS which allowed for small, characterful skirmish gaming at a very low model count with huge potential for customisation and narrative gaming and I though it sounded great. Then Bruticus from Ex Profundis started up an INQ28 inspired AoS/Hinterlands and the die was cast.

I’ll probably be making quite a few warbands out of this, inspired in equal parts by the old Realms of Chaos books, Ratspike and whatever else is squelching around my fevered brain. First up though, a lovesick vampire and his chums.

Ever since his wife died,  Malur Grimshade has travelled the realms in search of the Chalice of Resurrection, the only thing capable of returning her to him. Many things have changed since he set out centuries ago – his retainers have lost the very flesh from their bones, and he has been altered from a mortal man to a creature of darkness and hunger. His quest consumes him still and may forever, the shade of his wife forever driving him on in guilt, madness and bloodlust.


Fair warning though, I’ve also been hanging around the Oldhammer lot recently, so this blog may soon play host to some agéd lead.


Fantasy Jumble

Okay, so a lot of disjointed and sporadic hobbying over these past few days.

My AoS Goblin army still needs 60 footslogging grots and 2 spear chukkas built, and I need to finish off my Grom the Paunch conversion, but honestly the thought of painting an army with around ~109 models in it fills me with despair, so they’ve all been hidden in a box for now.


I also assembled and primed all of the models in the Silver Tower box set and the two expansion boxes, and all four of the Gorechosen heroes, but seeing them all on my cutting mat/painting desk was very dispiriting (I’m sure you’re noticing a theme developing here). Once again, they’ve been hidden in various boxes. Out of sight, out of mind.



I did make a start on my small Undead force, with 20 Grave Guard assembled, but the weather is too foul to prime at the moment and knowing my luck, will be until spring. I’m waiting on an order to ship which contains the leader of this force, the model that used to be called Krell, but is now just a generic Wight King with Black Axe and a Sentinel, which I need to finish off the Shifte-Watche killteam. I also have a Mortis Engine to build for them but it’s so complicated and it looks like it’d be best painted with an airbrush, which I don’t have (yet…). So, what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by projects that seem massive? Why, make a start on yet another big project!

More on this in my next post, but it’s something I’m very excited about.

A Vain Salute

Hrosskel raised his axe high as the knights thundered past, in the hope the gesture would be echoed. A sign of respect from those so honoured by his Lord would make his men view him as their leader after Gellvax had fallen in the last raid. They rode by without even looking at him, their horselike steeds dribbling thick strands of gory spit between their jagged teeth.


He cursed, the sound muffled by his helmet. His breath steamed out into the freezing air and the rime cracked beneath his heavy boots. Next to him Helvar chuckled quietly, his standard flapping as he marched alongside Hrosskel. The skin was freshly stripped from the leader of the village they had razed a day or so before and the stench of the untanned flesh was putrid, even in the chill air.


“Ignore the ones who ride into battle for their greater height inspires them to greater arrogance. Now, if you had thrown the axe at them, you may have caught their attention.”

Hrosskel snorted bitterly at the skull-masked warrior’s taunt. Next to him Ernmund raised his brass-bound horn and loosed a mighty blast, at once heartening and terrifying. Hrosskel welcomed the sound, as it promised a new battle was near. He would prove his right to lead these men in the bloody furnace of combat through slaughter and cruelty.