Fantasy Jumble

Okay, so a lot of disjointed and sporadic hobbying over these past few days.

My AoS Goblin army still needs 60 footslogging grots and 2 spear chukkas built, and I need to finish off my Grom the Paunch conversion, but honestly the thought of painting an army with around ~109 models in it fills me with despair, so they’ve all been hidden in a box for now.


I also assembled and primed all of the models in the Silver Tower box set and the two expansion boxes, and all four of the Gorechosen heroes, but seeing them all on my cutting mat/painting desk was very dispiriting (I’m sure you’re noticing a theme developing here). Once again, they’ve been hidden in various boxes. Out of sight, out of mind.



I did make a start on my small Undead force, with 20 Grave Guard assembled, but the weather is too foul to prime at the moment and knowing my luck, will be until spring. I’m waiting on an order to ship which contains the leader of this force, the model that used to be called Krell, but is now just a generic Wight King with Black Axe and a Sentinel, which I need to finish off the Shifte-Watche killteam. I also have a Mortis Engine to build for them but it’s so complicated and it looks like it’d be best painted with an airbrush, which I don’t have (yet…). So, what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by projects that seem massive? Why, make a start on yet another big project!

More on this in my next post, but it’s something I’m very excited about.

One thought on “Fantasy Jumble

  1. Haha. I feel your pain dude. I have soooooo many projects in various states from “haven’t even started” to “almost finished”. I, obviously, plan on finishing everything but alas my imagination doesn’t seem to have an end haha. I’ve learnt not to worry about getting things finished. The main thing is having something to do.

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