Shifte Watche

Slight change of pace – finished models! Inspired by reading the Forge Of Mars trilogy recently, I thought some Admech vassals would make a change from various xenos nasties.

shifte watche1.jpg

Some of the men volunteered to protect the forge world from sabotage and militant workers during the shift change (closest thing they have to a day/night cycle), others have been conscripted for their skills, like the chubby datascryer – he has been allowed to keep his surveillance-skull though. They’re led by two wannabe-skitarii whose backpacks vent the excess heat generated from their augmentations via the environmentally friendly method of belching flame and soot into the air. A sentinel kit is currently winging its way to me in order to be hacked apart and turned into a suitably strange walker for them.

shifte watche2.jpg

As per usual, they are able to be played in game – Kill Team to be precise. Two squads of IG veterans and an armoured sentinel comes to exactly 200 points. Each squad has a flamer as their upgrade, along with the Forward Sentries doctrine.


I tried an umber ink wash with these guys, along with glazes on the yellow and red and I’m fairly happy with how they’ve turned out. Feudal, filthy but with just enough tech to place them in a future where you turn your loved ones skull into a floating device with a big censer hanging off it.

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