I’m fairly bad at keeping a blog. I warned you in the About Me page about this, but I thought I’d just reinforce it. Sometimes I’m working on something and don’t want to break the flow in order to photograph and write about it, and other times I just can’t face making a post. These are the paltry reasons I offer for my frequent gaps and silences.

Onto better things – my Mongol Goblin army for AoS is starting to come in and with the imminent release of the BoP set a 30/40K Dark Angels army may also be on the horizon.

However, in between these larger, simpler projects are the little waystations of INQ28, at once small and deep. I’ve been working on The Death Of Samothrace for some little while now, tweaking and thinking as she went through iterations. She’s almost ready for some paint now, when the weather cheers up and I’m certain I’ve finished with her. Incorporating equal inspiration from the Angel of Death in Hellboy 2, the Winged Victory of Samothrace from the Louvre and Orthodox ikons of biblical angels, she’s faintly disturbing.


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