Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow

Known as the Weeping Bog or the Swamp Of Desolation by those unfortunate enough to live in or near it, the few servants of the Missing Queen still call it by the name it was given in ancient times by beings too foul and powerful to describe – Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow. The faces that weep blood whisper during the night and many is the traveller who wakes only to brutally dismember his companions and coat himself in their fluids. Still the faces do not smile, alone in their grief.


I apologise for the pictures but I am taking these in the only room in my house large enough to accommodate the board without having to rearrange anything.

The final babylike face vomiting blood is my favourite, although I also like the one missing an eye. An attempt to stop the whispers perhaps?

The colours in these pictures look a bit strange, the light was going and I had to turn some lamps on which probably explains it. I’m looking forward to playing some games on this board – the hills block line of sight so that shooting isn’t too strong and there’s plenty of places to hide loot tokens or whatever.

It’s made from an MDF board covered in extruded polystyrene which I carved up with a stanley knife. The hills are made from expanding foam and the faces were sculpted with a mixture of milliput and greenstuff. Large parts of the board were then coated with filler and sand, rocks and slate glued around. After sealing with PVA and painting the board, flock from Jarvis Scenics and diorama tufts from Tajima1 (seller on ebay) were added before painting up the faces with normal hobby acrylics – for most of the board I used tester pots from a DIY shop. The blood was created with hot glue, painted red and washed purple and then covered with GW’s Blood For The Blood God, which needs a shorter name in my opinion. The board is intended mainly for old-school Realm of Chaos and new-school DAoS skirmish games but will probably find itself being used for other things. What do you guys think?

10 thoughts on “Our Ladie Her Gardin Ov Sorrow

    1. Thank you very much! It’s funny you should mention classic sci-fi art, that was actually a pretty big inspiration for the colours I used on the board. Originally I was going to try and make the hills smooth and bubbled like they are in that style of art but I wasn’t skilled enough with the expanding foam to accomplish it. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that the colours are fairly close to that in real life, some areas are actually even more vivid than they are in the pictures. The mixture of bright flocks helps as well.


    1. Cheers, I was actually a little creeped out when I finished it and I was thinking that if I show it to people they’ll think I’m psychotic in some way. But hey, it’s something I’m fairly happy with so why not show it off.

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      1. Haha I used to feel like that when I was younger and was into writing horror stories. I wrote one once about a guy that killed people and wore their skins. Reading it years later I thought wow, that’s teenage angst on a whole new level haha.

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