Welcome to The Primordial Truth, a blog about the rich and fantastic worlds created by Games Workshop and the many and varied ways their fans mess around with them. This blog is inspired  by Eternal Hunt, Convertorum, Iron Sleet and many others, blogs I have followed for quite a while and which helped me get back into the hobby.

I’m a strange, patchily-bearded collector, painter and gamer (in that order, sadly)  living in the south-east of England who likes small-scale narrative skirmish games, with a deep and abiding love for the old Specialist Games – specifically Necromunda, Mordheim and Epic Armageddon. Inq28 and The Dark Age of Sigmar are my current jam.

I do play games that haven’t been created by Games Workshop – Bolt Action, Star Wars: X-Wing and Empire of the Dead, to name a few, but this blog focuses mainly on my GW stuff. I also have a deep and ruinous (to my wallet) interest in the Oldhammer movement – my Undead Horde is growing slowly but surely and there are a lot of Realm of Chaos warbands rolled awaiting models.

Content will most likely be sporadic as I have the attention span of a concussed mayfly, but I hope you will enjoy what is shown.


All credit for the excellent background and logo design go to the humble Brother Gotter, a friend of mine from the dark and mysterious land of Deutschland.