The Stench of Sin

When the Age of Chaos was ended by the storm-clad angels from Azyr, inhabitants of scattered hamlets and isolated hold-outs wept with relief and long suppressed joy. Their prayers had been answered and their souls and bodies saved from the Primordial Annihilator. When the emissaries of the barbaric God-King of Azyr appeared at their gates they were met with open arms, gifts and praise. It was only when the crucifixions and wytch-burnings began that – too late – they realised their mistake.

Managed to sneak some older miniatures into my latest DAoS warband – the long awaited good guys finally appear, bearing cleansing fire and brutal flails. The Wytch-Hunter is unforgiving in his persecution of the tainted and weaksouled amongst the scattered remnants of humanity. He is accompanied by one of Sigmar’s flesh-forged angels, barely human and eager to dispense the judgement of his God-King and two pathetic Acolytes who bear the tools of their bloody trade. The preservation of Sigmar’s realm demands blood sacrifices and the poor souls of the Mortal Realms are wise to tremble before the unrelenting gaze of the Sinseeker General.

Denizens of the Depths

As an excuse for the following, I would like to state that all of the following models were painted over a two-day period and that I do intend to go back and do touch-ups. I like the conversions, the paintjobs sadly show their rushed nature in my opinion. Miles better than playing a game with unpainted figures however, so swings and roundabouts.

I’ll begin with the paintjob I hate the most, in the hopes it will make the other miniatures look better in comparison.

Seen here in unflattering close-up.

Really, just didn’t work. He’ll probably end up being stripped.

The Heroes!

I changed the elves into women because of new quota requirements in the mortal realms. Or because having the party be all male is dull. One of the two.

From left to right: Archimaine the Gryph-Hound, the Lord-Castellant, the Cogsmith, the Loremaster and the Fleetmistress.

Strangely, the models I’m most happy with are the ‘stock’ henchmen. Maybe it’s because they look better en masse?

Some pallid acolytes.
Slightly less pallid warriors.

Okay, I lied. My favourite models are the Blight Kings, just because I love them as is. With some minor conversion work, I love them even more.

Big rusty fat blokes.

I had some fun with stippled rust and gore effects on these. They’re just so much fun to paint, even when rushing. Favourite model out of the lot has to go to the champion in the centre, with his great pose and awesome horned helmet.