“Our ladie is gonne, an all joys pass wyth her. Wyll you nott join us yn the hunt?”

The Oldhammer inspired  banner is something I really like on these guys – it may not be particularly well executed, but it’s the best I can do at the moment and I love the way it came out.

The armour on the lady knight was given a basecoat of VMA Silver which is unbelievably pretty. I kept turning the model around in my hands under a lamp to look at the shine and was quite tempted to keep it mostly metal, although the need to keep the hunting party consistent put paid to that.

I realise I have not yet created any ‘good’ guys for The Dark Age of Sigmar, so my next warband will be a Witch Hunter and his retinue, but have no fear, he’ll be just as evil and twisted as the next man*.

*or mutant, or daemon, or…


Next up directly however is going to be some House Cawdor gangers – I’ve got my first Necromunda game in more than a decade coming up on Tuesday and suffice it to say their paintjob needed to be… refreshed.

Redemption Through Pain

Despite suffering the tender blessings of Grandfather Nurgle (more commonly known as manflu) I have managed to do some hobby recently. Apart from my Dark Eldar, who are not currently fit to be photographed, I have also been struck with some Inq28spiration. Or possibly just feverish delusion, it’s hard to be certain.



Table of Torment




Torture Skull


Should be able to get some paint of them this Saturday, which gives me tomorrow to do some cleaning up and a little extra work on them all.

The Good and the Bad (Ugly is late)

Spent a few very enjoyable hours at my local GW today showing off my Gorechosen board (still in WIP), drooling over the new Genestealer Cult Neophytes and doing some work on Pontius Glaw. I’m sort of stuck on his ‘cloak of blades’, I can’t work out a way to represent it well.




Speaking of the Neophytes, once I opened the box and saw the power maul and web pistol, I knew I had to make an Arbites. It’s a verysimple kitbash, but he looks like I’ve always imagined Arbites should look (except for a shield, I need to source one from somewhere).