The Doktor Is In

I finished (and by that I mean got him to a place I was fairly happy with and then stopped before I messed up) Dr. Felmanse.

I tried some OSL on him and although it needs to be smoother, especially on the skull, I think the way it came out on the flagstones is pretty good. It was a lot of fun painting his skin and I really like the green flames.

I should be be building the rest of his retinue but as usual I have a bunch more projects that currently interest me more. In no particular order:

The Grail Sanguine‘ – an AoS force of vampire knights based off Bretonnian conversions,

Mol’lekh the Saviour‘ – daemon construct worshipped by debased duardin warband,

Paint up my Spire of Dawn skaven and sell them on (hopefully for a profit),

Finally finish assembling my Legio Cybernetica force for Horus Heresy games.

Oh, and I bought a bunch of models from Hasslefree recently in order to make a small gang for This Is Not A Test and an Inquisition Cell for the Inquisimunda game at BOYL17. Oh, and I still need to paint my Jabberwock and get the scenery ready for the Beware The Jabberwock! game I’m meant to be running there. Sometimes I hate my brain.

Progress Without Proof

I’ve got a fair few projects on the go and I’m actually making progress on some of them. Out of character I know. You may have noticed that recently I haven’t posted WIP shots, preferring to show off the finished piece in all it’s completed glory – I have a couple of reasons for doing thing. Firstly, I often get distracted and start work on something else. I posted the WIP on Hayreddin Drake ages and ages ago and yet he lurks in the terrifyingly huge pile of incomplete projects, judging me poorly no doubt. Poor bugger hasn’t even been primed. My second reason is slightly pretentious (moi?) – I like showing things off when they’re finished because then the first impact is much greater. When something is fully painted, if I’ve done it right, the conversion blends in well and just looks like how it was meant to look. You don’t see the dodgy greenstuff work or the panicked fixes I had to make after something I broke off. I’ll chuck in a third reason for free – I’m pretty slapdahs and a lot of my stuff changes during painting, even the makeup of the figure itself. They look absolutely awful pretty much until the final stages (and sometimes beyond…)

Anyway, I thought I’d update with what I’m working on and rest assured there will be some pictures of something up soon, along with more blathering. In no particular order:

My 4×4 skirmishing board (it should pull at least double duty for Realms of Chaos and The Dark Age of Sigmar) is well on the way, although the drying and curing times are proving to be something of a pain. The next stage is priming and painting it, but waiting for filler and PVA to dry  is something of a waiting game, shockingly enough.

My Witch Hunter warband for DAoS is ready and waiting for me to fire up the airbrush and prime them, but I’m waiting until…

My new Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal models are all built and ready for priming. I’ve converted every single one of the enemy models, and built an entirely new one for the Sorcerer. I’m considering building the heroes mostly as is if just to get them finished quicker.

My descent into Oldhammer madness has truly begun. I currently have a fair few lead models sitting in a sandwich box filled with delicious nail polish remover and more are winging their way to me from ebay every day. My finances may never recover. Soon I shall take the plunge and join the Oldhammer forums and attempt to ingratiate myself over there – I really want to attend BOYL if it’s being held this year, and I even have a (unrealistic and probably insane) dream of running a game – Beware The Jabberwocky. On top of this I also acquired a Warhammer Townscapes scan from a friend and I have equally grand plans of getting it printed out on cardstock and making the whole thing. Oh, and as an aside – this falls well after the generally accepted Golden Age but if anyone has any of the Carnival of Chaos miniatures for the Empire in Flames Mordheim supplement I’d be overjoyed to hear from you. I love those models but the ebay prices are quite frankly obscene. £250 for a Plague Coach? Jog on mate.

So, as you may have guessed, between board building, stripping lead and feverishly converting new plastic kits I’ve been getting a lot of hobby in, but not taking any pictures of it. Ah well, everything’s better for waiting, except hospital appointments.

Thanks for reading my rambling apology/WIP list/random nonsense and I hope to update soon with something finished, if I haven’t bankrupted myself trying to complete the Nightmare Legion.