Slow Progress

Throwing up a few more pics of some Inq28 stuff I’m working on. It’s far too hot over here at the moment to prime, let alone paint anything, so I’m turning it into a positive by converting as much as possible.

The Executioner has been teched up a bit to drag him from Fantasy to the 41st millenium:


I can now reveal the identity of the weird robot thing, nothing other than the Brass Thief from Ravenor Returns:


Still needs a fair bit of cleanup and some extra care, but hopefully the paintjob will hide a multitude of sins.

Finally, as JackDaw over at the ammobunker pointed out (although far more politely) I have been a lazy bastard with the witch. Sticking a skull onto his staff and thinking that was enough? Pah. Here he is after an emergency operation:


The Luxury of Guilt

I’m in the process of building my very first Inquisitor and his warband, a seeming rite of passage in the Inq28. I make no apologies for that fact that I have used a stock figure almost unaltered, as I consider it to be the perfect interpretation of a Witch Hunter in the 41st Millenium, but I have sought to modify the other members of his retinue so far in order that they reflect the vision I see in my head.

The Inquisitor


The Executioner


The Belle


The Witch